Monday, December 30, 2013

Hollow Revamped

If you’re a Sleepy Hollow fan and you’re anything like my sister, then you are extremely tired of Ichabod Crane’s wardrobe. Every Tuesday like clock-work I can hear my sister complaining. So, we thought we could make some suggestions on how to bring Mr. Crane into the future while still having the 18th century feel.

 We think Sleepy Hollow stylists should take a look at Alexandre Plokhove Spring 2013 collection. Plokhove describes this collection as clergy attire.

A palette of coal, ash and alabaster gives off the dark & gloomy gothic feel of the show. The fabrics of corded cotton and vegetable-dyed leathers to open-weave Irish linen will help tell its story.

Another designer they should look at is Balmain Fashion House. Balmain is one of my sister’s favorite. Its Fall 2011 collection is pretty much perfect for Sleepy Hollow. Balmain gives you military jackets, stretchy paneled Biker jeans, plus straight-legged pants with piled on layers of hot menswear.

These collections are the definition of Sleepy Hollow in my opinion.


  1. Great post, Dina. I prefer the first designer over the Balmain collection. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This was a clever analysis of Crane's wardrobe.


  2. Thank you Sharon… yeah Plokhove's designs are closer to Ichabod's wardrobe..

  3. The man is so hot and his clothes don't make him justice. I agree! :)
    Happy new year!


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