Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Bella Evolution Award

Happy New Year everyone...

This year we’ve had some breath taking fashion and some eye sore fashion, but we haven’t taken the time to acknowledge the women that have really grown into fashion goddesses. I have chosen 2 ladies that IMO have gone from a fashion “hell no” to the person many other stars should call for advice. The one thing I’ve noticed about these women is once they changed their hair, it took them to the next level & gave them the fashion freedom to take more chances.

When Miley Cyrus first burst on the scene as “Hanna Montana” you could depend on fashion staples like sequins, cowboy boots and glitter. Then, as Miley got older she tried a little more sophisticated look, but it just made her look older than she was (IMO). Now, Miley has come into her own, and some may consider her provocative but I consider her stylish.

In the beginning of Solange Knowles’ career, she was known only as Beyonce’s little sister. She started off as a backup dancer but now she is a singer, songwriter, plus DJ. Today she has developed into a Style icon, leaving behind her bell-bottom jeans and her inability to “work a print” into her wardrobe.  Solange IS on the forefront of fashion.

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  1. I prefer Solange than Miley :)
    Have a wonderful 2014!
    Oriana xxx


  2. I really love Miley's style!

    Corinne x

    1. Yes.. she has really developed a great style… thanks Corinne.. happy new year..

  3. The oldie hanna it's so different :OO

  4. Replies
    1. Happy New Year Aurora.. yes that green dress if beautiful.


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