Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Watch Out!

As we fashion junkies know, accessories can be powerful because it completes a look. I want to take some time to talk about one of my favorite embellishments, and lucky for us watches are in trend.  There are 3 types of watches, dress, sporty and casual.

Most often, dress timepieces are gold or silver and are generally analog. They are best worn at formal events and parties… red, blue, yellow and brown colors are the perfect match for these particular watches.

Sporty watches, (which I love) are great oversized pieces that adds a boyish style. You can wear it with slouchy jeans and button downs. Another really cute trend is adding bracelets with an oversized watch… that is definitely an eye catcher.

If you want something to match your day-to-day apparel, casual watches are what you’re looking for. Casual timepieces can be very diverse and can be bought in either analog or digital plus the watch band can be leather as well as other materials.  


  1. Love that sporty watch in the third picture!

  2. Yes.. that's our fav as well!!!

  3. I love them allllll<3 I love watches
    I recently received a gift from Daniel Wellington watches, an amazing watch with Swarovski crystals, i will publish it soon :)


    1. I love the rose gold look that is me all the way... the sporty look is wow too

  4. Great post! We are all about some great arm candy!

    1. lol.. thx.. I can't live without my arm candy…lmao!!


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