Sunday, February 27, 2011



Just for fun, we would like to introduce to you our 360° post. Enjoy our examples of how fashion has come full circle. Check out the lead singer of the 1979 Mary Jane Girls R&B group Joanna "JoJo" McDuffie. She is wearing a body suit with rips on the side. Next to her we put up Hellz Bellz ripped leggings from their 2010 "Culture Vulture" collection. These styles definitely give off a sexy & street-wise persona!

Check out our LUVIN URBAN play list, which features Mary Jane Girls!


  1. wow that body suit looks nice, sexy indeed! its fun how fashion is doing circles, you can somethimes find something very trendy in your mothers closet ;) xx

  2. really a great blog, my dear, would be happy if you would follow back :) thanks for your lovely comment! the fashion circle is always amazing, you can even find some great pieces in the closeet of your granny, too!

    xx viviane


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