Friday, February 28, 2014

"Wearable Friday" [What to Wear]

All of our fashion lives we have heard stories about Dior’s A-line dress. We learned how it was born in 1955 after the restrictions of military and civilian uniforms. We also learned how it changed the fashion world from cinched waist and accentuated hips to fitted bodice plus, undefined waist with a pleated skirt. The greatest thing about Dior’s A-line dress creation is that it was made for just about every body shape.

Not only is it a perfect dress for women with Straight, Pear, Hourglass and Diamond Shape, it is a great “go-to” apparel item. A-line dress is perfect for work, dinner parties, date night or a casual day hanging with some friends.

You can wear an A-line dress several different ways. At work try a blazer with you’re a-line dress. A tailored blazer will give you the sleek but sharp look you’re looking for, but let’s have some fun styling it up. Instead of a simple black dress try a floral print with a black blazer or if simple is your thing stay with the black dress and jazz it up with some colorful tights. 

Another way to really style up you’re a-line dress is with an accessory statement piece. Wear a chunky necklace or a colorful belt or knee high boots. If you want a different look buy a strap scoop neck a-line dress add a turtle neck shirt with a string pearl necklace. It’s a fun and cute look.

So give this wearable a try :)

Lady Like A-Line Dress $19.80
Adventurer A-Line Dress $22.80
Sweetest Rose A-Line Dress $22.80
Ornate A-Line Dress $24.80


  1. such a nice dresses :) xx

  2. I like A line dresses that are fitted at the top. They are as you stated a universally flattering dress style. The dresses you displayed here are beautiful.


  3. I love to rock a great A-line dress. It always makes my waist appear smaller. I love to add a belt with my hourglass shape.

  4. A-line dresses really can be so flattering to many body types. I love that there are so many midi styles available now.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Yes.. it's great!!! thanks for passing by Rowena!!!

  5. These dresses are so amazing, love them all! So many different but great styles :)

  6. In the second picture i love the second dress OMG.
    I've been looking for it for years!
    Nice post!

    New post:


Thank you for your comment!!!

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