Monday, December 9, 2013

MEN'S..............MUST HAVES!

We didn't want the fellas to feel neglected; so we are sharing 5 items on our list must haves for men.

1. White button down shirt/ Color button down shirt:  you can wear a button down with anything: jeans, suit or shorts. It’s all about versatility.

2. Dark jeans: they match anything and can be dressed up and dress down.

3. Jacket you can wear in the rain: Yes a windbreaker can work just as well, but if you want to look sleek and smooth (for the ladies…..stylish) go with a parka or trench coat.

4. Scarf: it’s a great accessory for men… it adds more character to your outfit.

5. Traveling Bag: Keep it simple, solid color, understated pattern, leather or cotton.

More staples for men to come...


  1. Arg! All the items you show are bloody fabulous but I CAN'T make my bf dress properly (except if I bribe him or blackmail him you know how).... but Now that I see this fabulous pictures, I might get some stuff and... "hide" it in his closet. Maybe once he sees it he won't be able to resist wearing it!

    1. Lmao Dharia.. please do that and let us know what happens!!! roflmao!!!

    2. I want all these items for my man to wear ... especially when he is with me ... gorgeous and irresistible items

    3. thanks.. Shaunette… they are great items...


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