Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cute Finds

Braving the shopping craze on Black Friday, one of my best friends and I found this really cute find. Jun & Ivy, Lucy Oxford Flats at Francesca’s Collection, which is apart of their new arrivals for $34.00. These flats can cute up just about any outfit.

You can make these poke a dot oxford shoes as the focal point of your outfit… pair them with a line skirt and a white button down.

 Or make your outfit a little funkier with the zig zag striped oxford flats. Combine them with some red skinny jeans and a checkered boxy top.

For an easy day, wear your oxfords with some leggings or boyfriend jeans (roll up at the bottom). I am telling you, one really can’t go wrong with Oxfords. 

Check out  Rihanna's  Oxfords!


  1. The shoes and the leather skirt (well, I just use faux but anyway ;) ) are fabulous! I hope I can find them somewhere around here!

  2. The polka dot shoes are so cute!

  3. lol, yup. that why I had to take a picture:)

  4. Love these outfits!! (: so cute (:

    <3 Colleen

  5. These are so gorgeous and I love the polka dot ones!


  6. Adorable shoes! Love your take on how to style them, I like how the clothes give the shoes some edge.

    xx, TT

    1. Hi Talita… thanks so much… I had to go edgy with those zig zag oxfords.


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