Friday, December 20, 2013

Curvy girlz can shop online!

As women with curves we know shopping for clothes is not easy. Most apparel for plus size woman SUCKS!!.  Retailers and designers tend to put us in outfits that are shapeless or have lots of big flowers, poke a dots and shiny things. These were quite a few of the issues I came across when shopping for the perfect dress for my best friend’s wedding. So, I want to share with you my curvy girl shopping journey.

First stop for me is always Lane Bryant. This store is one of the better ones for plus size women. I found this purple or blue (we are still not sure which color it is) sleeveless pleated dress. It was cute but it kind of made me look like umpa lumpa. 

Ok, so I went to one of the major department stores in Miami, Dillards. I tried on two dresses that were more like wedding attire; one was a black deep V lace black mini. The major problem with this outfit, it showed too much. Fashion tip: When picking out an outfit you have to decide what asset you want to show…legs or chest, never both.  Then, I tried on a taupe and white glitter dress. It was nice but hit all the no no places (I did not like it). 

In my desperation I went to Avenue (not my favorite place). The dresses were too short and flowery, which made me look older.

Ugh! I started to complain to my sister about the lack of fashionable clothes for curvy women and then she suggested “why don’t you try shopping online?”  I looked at her like she was crazy. Shop online? … a plus size woman?... madness!!, but I pretty much had no other choice. So, for the first time ever I went on to ASOS and found a red sleeveless Grecian style dress and purchased it. I have never been so nervous in my shopping life. I had only a month left until the wedding and it would take just about 2 weeks to get here……. What if it was late?... What if it didn’t fit?..... What if it didn’t look good?......Well it took 3 weeks for it to come in and to my amazement it was worth the wait. I could not believe it the fit was perfect. It covered all the areas that I wanted to hide and enhance all my best areas. I paired it with a black open toe studded heal, a yellow clutch, layered pearl necklace and diamond earrings to complete my wedding outfit.

So yeah… curvy girlz can shop online!!


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  5. What an informative blog post. I am not a curvy girl but I understand the challenges faced by my curvy friends when shopping. You look beautiful in the Asis dress. You have a great blog. Let me know if you would be interested in following each other. I blog about fashion.

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    1. Thank you Sharon… It is really frustrating as a curvy girl. But, we work it out… sure we would like to follow you.

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  6. Hi. Thanks for giving a plus on my post. Uh, this blog is indeed great. You were very informative and inspiring. Those two pictures on top (with lace and glitter dress) were two great finds. The first dress (v-shaped lace mini dress) if it was just longer, It would have been a fabulous look for the wedding but you did great when you chose to move out from your comfort zone and tried online shopping. That pink dress who bought looked fantastic on you. Just added you on my circle! Love love. :)

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