Tuesday, November 26, 2013

360 degrees of the 90s

The 90s is here! & we’re gonna show you who rocked it the best.  We start off with Aaliyah. She defined the sexy tomboy style, with her signature baggie low waist jeans, crop top shirt and letterman jacket.  All girls wanted to be Aaliyah in the 90s (at least we did).  So, here is our 360 version of a street style deconstruction Denim. 

Joey Lawrence is a TV icon that was known for his street style of distress denim, t-shirt and plaid button down. Fast forward to today’s destroyed denim, crosshatch of plaid and vintage tees. 

Last but not least, we had to include Johnny Depp for his cut off denim jacket. Everyone should have one in his or her closet………. Playing off the red sleeves connected to Depp jacket below is a mix and match flannel and denim jeans. 


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